Futures Unlimited, Inc.

Futures Unlimited, Inc. has been the trusted provider of disability supports and early intervention programs in Sumner County, Kansas for more than 35 years, giving people of every age the help they need with the dignity they deserve. 

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At a glance

Enhancing the lives of others by...

  • Giving pregnant mothers the support and education they need to grow happy, healthy babies. Learn more.
  • Helping adults with disabilities learn work skills. Learn more.
  • Fostering stronger families through home-based and center-based education, family support, health and mental health services and assistance with child care. Learn more.
  • Transporting the general public to work, doctor's appointments and errands. Learn more.
  • Serving as the single point of entry for developmental disability services for Sumner County. Learn more.
  •  Readying preschoolers from across the county for kindergarten. Learn more.
  • Enabling adults with disabilities to live as independently as possible and as appropriately supported as possible. Learn more.
  • Providing meaningful employment to over 120 employees. Learn more.
  • Offering manufacturing, packaging and assembly contract services at affordable rates. Learn more

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