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Classes Soothe the Pains of Childbirth Prep

June 2013 - Whether she is coaching a couple through labor and delivery concerns or calming a pregnant teen’s anxieties – teaching the community’s Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond classes is a fulfilling part of Melissa Provost’s duties as the health specialist for Futures Unlimited, Inc. since 2010. The classes are free and offered as a joint project with Sumner Regional Medical Center in Wellington.

As a nurse with 17 years of obstetrics and Emergency Room experience at SRMC, where she continues to work today as a charge nurse, Provost enjoys variety in her day working part-time at both Futures and SRMC.

“What began from a grant for early intervention coupled with Melissa’s impressive background in nursing, obstetrics, breastfeeding, neonatal and postnatal care has grown into the area’s most informative class on pregnancy, child birth and infant care,” says Jennifer Biehler, family services coordinator for Futures. “Not only are the classes of the highest caliber due to Melissa’s expertise, she is able to tailor them based on the needs of the attendees.”

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond classes cover signs of preterm labor; managing labor at home; what to expect about delivery and birth; relaxation techniques; tips & resources on breastfeeding; Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS); Period Purple Crying and a tour of the birthing room. Upcoming class times are from 9-12:30 am on June 8, August 10, October 12 and December 7, 2013 at SRMC.

The classes are completely free and target high-risk families and teens but anyone in the community is welcome and encouraged to attend. “What I enjoy most,” says Provost, “is helping people feel less anxious.” But with Wellington having one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation, Provost is surprised more teens don’t attend the class which is offered bi-monthly throughout the year and on an individual basis if needed. Teens seem to want to receive their information by way of their mobile device on Facebook or by text messaging. “That’s why resources such a text4baby which texts short health and safety tips to moms have been important for us to pass along,” says Provost.

Whether an attendee wants to know about getting an epidural or has diapering questions, Provost has the experience, training and know-how, with the use of several props and training materials to ensure each class participant walks away feeling more informed and better prepared about their impending birth and infant care experience.
To find out more, contact Melissa Provost at (888)326-8906 x253 or melissap@futures-unlimited.org.

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