Direct Support Professionals: You Are Appreciated

This week is Direct Support Professional Recognition Week.

We would like to take this opportunity to let the many direct support professionals (DSPs) who work at Futures Unlimited know how very much they are appreciated.

A DSP is someone who teaches life skills, provides physical assistance, and supports the empowerment, choices and self-direction of an individual receiving supports. It is estimated there are over two million Americans working in these roles.

“DSPs at Futures work around the clock to ensure our friends and family members with disabilities have the critical services they need,” says Christa Jones, director of community supports.

At Futures, there are roughly 40 DSPs who provide, in some cases, 24-hour supports to individuals with developmental disabilities. This can include coaching someone who needs a few hours a week of support to be more independent, but could also include providing all daily living support to someone who has significant needs.

In a nutshell, “DSPs minimize the limits that often result from a person’s disability and help connect people to every aspect of life,” says Christa Jones. “We are so thankful and appreciative of their efforts and commitment on behalf of our agency.”

If someone in your life works as a direct support professional, be sure to let them know how their efforts day in and day out are changing the world!