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Front-Liners Keeping Us Going During COVID-19

May 1, 2020 - As we all continue to transition back to normal life (our transition will be more gradual than others) we felt it important to acknowledge what life has looked like over the past 71 days for our staff and the folks they serve. Outdoor games, Battleship, baking, crafting, Zoom meetings, drawing tutorials, basketball, long walks, card games, and fighting the almost-constant tug of restlessness…It’s not over, but the end IS IN SIGHT!

We want to take this opportunity to thank our DSP’s, once again, for working tirelessly to keep things positive despite all the pandemonium. A one-stop-shop was organized in which day staff drops by each morning to “gear-up” for the day. Many games, crafts, and activities are introduced daily to those we serve. Memories are being made and we’re coming out stronger and better equipped to face the future. The team-work and camaraderie displayed across the board here are truly astounding. Our hats are off to ALL of the DSP’s who work at Futures Unlimited, Inc. They are the front-liners who keep us going!