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Futures preschoolers give thank you gift to Barefoot Jerry's
The Friday before school started, parents of school kids weren’t the only ones rushing around. As the sun was peeking over the horizon, Barefoot Jerry’s was open early brewing up coffee and serving breakfast to hungry patrons at a fundraising event for Futures. 

“Two months ago we thought this sounded like a great idea,” Jerry Fike, owner of Barefoot Jerry’s said with a laugh. “But halfway through the breakfast we thought, ‘man this is a LOT of burritos!” Jerry and Barefoot Jerry’s chef/kitchen manager, Mickey Kashey feverishly made breakfast burritos which were served with a side of fruit and a cinnamon roll at the event for which 236 tickets were sold. Members of Futures’ board of directors and employees were the wait staff for the event and served a full-house throughout the morning.

As a thank-you gift to Jerry and Mickey, Futures preschoolers dipped their bare feet in paint and walked across a banner displaying the words: “Thank you from Futures preschool.” The banner is on display at the restaurant.

Proceeds from the event will go to support all Futures programs and services for some of Sumner County’s most vulnerable citizens.

“We couldn’t be more grateful to Jerry and Mickey for hosting this fundraiser for us,” said Tom Kohmetscher, Futures President and CEO. “From our perspective, a venue like Barefoot Jerry’s is an asset to the community and we hope is stays right here in Wellington for many years to come.”

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Barefoot Jerry’s is a pub-n-grub located at 217 North Washington (formerly known as the Commodore Club) in Wellington. Their menu features slider burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, salads, pastas and most recently their famous pink tacos flavored with ghost peppers! Enjoy lunch from 11-2 pm or come back for dinner and drinks at 5. Barefoot Jerry’s often hosts karaoke, guest musicians and comedians. For to-go orders call 359-1611.

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