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I Matter: A Message from the Adults We Serve
On Tuesday, March 16, InterHab held a virtual advocacy day to engage legislators on the issues surrounding our population. Agencies from around the state submitted videos to be shown to peers, stakeholders and legislators. Click on the link to view the video Futures submitted, underscoring the importance of taking action on behalf of the individuals served. 

Legislators were asked to support HB 2046 and SB 154, which will help stabilize the Kansas IDD provider network. These bills set up a funding plan needed to stabilize current services, including:

1. Shoring up crumbling provider networks that serve the existing IDD population.

2. Building the direct-care workforce that is vital to Kansans with IDD.

3. Ensuring future capacity can be developed to serve the 4000+ people with IDD who are waiting for services.

Futures Unlimited was the regional award winner for the South Central region for the non-traditional talent pool category for 2022. This award went to companies that have gone above and beyond to hire
When Sumner County Hospital and Caldwell Family Clinic opened to the public on January 30th, they needed a way to transport non-ambulatory patients while the EMS vehicle was needed elsewhere
Tree planting commemorates one dozen trees being planted in Futures’ newly expanded discovery playground made possible by a GrowMoreGood Garden Grant.
Northfield Apartments property manager, Dawn Stevenson (middle) and her staff, Dana Dick (left) and Kari Dvorak (right) are available to residents on-site most days of the week. Northfield in Caldwell