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Implementation of Health Home is Realized

July 2014 - After getting elbow-deep in the year-long planning process and weathering several delays, Futures goes “all in” and launches as a full-fledged Health Home partner for eligible folks with a chronic mental health condition. Health Homes were formed across the state to coordinate medical care under a “whole-person” philosophy. “Simply put, health homes services provide support to help people manage their health through health planning, learning about their conditions and how to be healthier, support upon discharge from hospitals or care facilities and obtaining health goals with the help of family or other caregivers,” says Christa Jones, director of community supports at Futures.

We now have 11 people who are being served in the Health Home model. “Ultimately, as the State and managed care companies gain experience and expertise in the Health Home model, it is supposed to be expanded to other Medicaid recipients as well. It’s our plan to be there as a valuable resource in making sure the Health Homes model is successful in addressing the needs of the people it’s meant to serve.”


When Sumner County Hospital and Caldwell Family Clinic opened to the public on January 30th, they needed a way to transport non-ambulatory patients while the EMS vehicle was needed elsewhere
Tree planting commemorates one dozen trees being planted in Futures’ newly expanded discovery playground made possible by a GrowMoreGood Garden Grant.
Northfield Apartments property manager, Dawn Stevenson (middle) and her staff, Dana Dick (left) and Kari Dvorak (right) are available to residents on-site most days of the week. Northfield in Caldwell
Do you have a child who will be 3 or 4 by Aug. 31? At the start of the 2022-2023 school year, the USD 353 school district will partner with Futures to open two new preschool classrooms at Kennedy Elem