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Robert Leftwich, Chairman of the Futures Board of Directors, Recognized for 20 Years of Service

December 2014 - When Bob Leftwich joined the Futures Unlimited Board of Directors in 1994, the agency was working to expand the Head Start program to meet the growing community needs, embarking on the HUD Northfield project, and was actively engaged in the restructuring of the State’s community developmental disabilities system and the closing of another large institution. 

“In many ways, the landscape then is much like the landscape today!” says Futures President/CEO Tom Kohmetscher, recognizing Leftwich’s longstanding contributions during the agency’s 2014 Holiday appreciation banquet. “Through the years, Bob’s positive and supportive leadership style, along with his business savvy and strong personal commitment to our agency’s mission and to the community as a whole, continues to be a tremendous asset for all of us. 

“Serving on the board of Futures has been my privilege and honor,” says Leftwich. “Futures’ mission continues to be extremely important in the lives of many people in our community – and that goes beyond just the men, women, and children they serve directly. Most importantly, the staff are truly dedicated to providing  a caring and nurturing environment for everyone they serve, and they’ve done so now for many years. I’m really proud to be a part of an organization where people do matter!”

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