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Teamwork Spotlight

During Tuesday afternoon’s torrential downpour, WALT dispatcher & driver, Dana Keithly was unloading consumers at their residences. At one stop, off-duty DSP, Jason Bevan and his daughter ducked through the rain to check on Dana to see if she needed any help unloading folks. “Now, that’s teamwork and one of the many reasons I absolutely love working at Futures!” Dana commented the next day.

Jason lives in the area and happened to be home and noticed the WALT bus unloading folks. “I knew there were a couple in there in wheelchairs and knew it would be a nightmare to unload them in this downpour,” said Jason. “So I dragged my daughter along and helped Dana out,” said Jason.

In extraordinary weather like we’ve been having; it’s great to employ extraordinary employees who don’t hesitate to help out their colleagues. 

2020 has been a doozy but our Futures family made the absolute BEST of it by being creative, energetic, and staying positive despite everything. This video is an end-of-year summation of a remarkable
We would like to take this opportunity to let the many direct support professionals (DSPs) who work at Futures Unlimited know how very much they are appreciated.
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May 1, 2020 - As we all continue to transition back to normal life (our transition will be more gradual than others) we felt it important to acknowledge what life has looked like over the past 71 days