Affordable Shredding Services for Wellington, KS

Whether it's your old bank statements, business trade secrets or company payroll information - Futures Shredding Services helps keep your sensitive information out of the wrong hands.

Two Shredding Options:

By the Bag for $15:



 Purchase a bag for $15 and fill it at your leisure. 

It's Easy:

  • Fill it with items you would like to have safely shredded.
  • Drop it off at Futures with peace of mind that your sensitive information will be shredded to pieces.
  • Purchase additional bags as needed at Futures and throughout the community.
  • Bag can hold up to 28 lbs of paper.




By the Bin for $60:




This service is provided exclusively to businesses in Wellington.

We provide businesses with a locked 64-gallon document security container. We deliver it. You fill it. We pick it up for shredding at our secure site for the low price of $60 per container. 


  • No hidden fees
  • No contracts - only do business with us for as long as you are satisfied with your service
  • No monthly membership fee or cart rental fee


  • Locked carts
  • Cart tracking system
  • Certificate of Destruction provided to customers for each cart
  • HIPAA compliant


  • One-time or ongoing services
  • Flexible pick-up and drop-off options
  • Local, accessible, and prompt service
  • Bin holds up to 220 lbs.

This service is a training program for individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to provide a valuable service to you while building job skills for the folks we serve.

   All shredded paper is recycled with the local recycling center.