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We invite you to read our general agency news! If you are looking for Early Childhood News for preschool or Early Head Start, please click HERE
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   July 2014 - After getting elbow deep in the year-long planning process and weathering several delays, Futures goes “all in” and launches as a full-fledged Health Home partner for eligible folks with a chronic mental health condition. Health Homes were formed across the state to coordinate medical care under a “whole-person” philosophy. “Simply put, health homes services provide support to help people manage their health through health planning, learning about their conditions and ho
  September 2014 - WALT (Wellington Area Local Transit) provides almost 18,000  rides in a year, so trying to keep up with significant wear and tear on vehicles can sometimes be a  challenge. One new bus is a welcome addition to the WALT fleet, which transports passengers over 300 days out of the year. Made possible by a grant from KDOT (which covers 80% of the purchase of the vehicle), a Ford, Diamond Coach bus replaces a 2009-Ford StarTrans bus with over 125,000 miles. “Many in
December 19, 2013 - In the KS Star Casino’s inaugural Trees of Hope contest, ten area non-profits decorated Christmas trees on display in the casino in an attempt to win votes from casino patrons and other supporters to raise money for their cause. The first-place prize was $5,000, second-place was $2,500 and third was $1,000. On the evening of December 19th, the winners were revealed.
Surprisingly, there was a tie for first place between the DAV and Futures Unlimited. The YWCA w
December 2013 - In amusing video, employees and individuals served tell a few of their favorite things from 2013. Merry Christmas!
We invite you to view the video which features several Futures employees and a few of Terry's friends explaining why he won this award.
  October 2014 - Studies show children introduced to books early in life have a better chance of graduating from high school. Moreover, students who don’t read at age level are more likely to enter the juvenile and adult court systems. “Aside from the critical bonding that takes place when a parent reads to a child,” says Jennifer Biehler, Futures’ director of Head Start, “early literacy plays a huge role in a child’s ability to finish school, gain employment and contribute to society
November 2013 - The Futures Unlimited Board of Directors would like to announce Shiloh Rosenberg and Cari Cook have recently joined the board.

“Futures Unlimited, for almost 40 years now, has been fortunate to have dynamic, committed and knowledgeable community members at the helm of our organization,” says Futures President/CEO, Tom Kohmetscher. “With the addition of Cari and Shiloh to the board, we continue with that legacy and are excited about the experience, expertise

August 2013 - As the sun peaked over the horizon early on August 16th, Barefoot Jerry’s--Wellington’s ‘pub ‘n grub’ eatery and bar located at 214 N Washington--was opening up at a most unusual hour.
August 16th marked Futures Unlimited’s annual Back to School Breakfast with Barefoot Jerry, a benefit for the men, women, children and families served through and by Futures. From 7-10 am patrons enjoyed a tasty breakfast skillet, a side of fruit and a cinnamon
   October 2014 - Quarterly shop meetings give vocational program participants a chance to hear about upcoming contracts, receive training recognition and take care of general announcements. At the October shop meeting, workers learned of an additional job from a commercial equipment manufacturing company, which builds street machines from the ground up. “We’ve worked on floor mats as well as assembling bolt sets for one major industry in the Wichita area,” says Bill Loop, wo

June 2013 - Whether she is coaching a couple through labor and delivery concerns or calming a pregnant teen’s anxieties – teaching the community’s Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond classes is a fulfilling part of Melissa Provost’s duties as the health specialist for Futures Unlimited, Inc. since 2010. The classes are free and offered as a joint project with Sumner Regional Medical Center in Wellington.
As a nurse with 17 years of obstetrics and Emergency Room experience at
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Any way you cut it, becoming parents when you’re in your teens is tough. Sometimes, life throws in some curves that can make it even more challenging. With the birth of their first child, Phoenix; Pat
Click on the link to view the video Futures submitted, underscoring the importance of taking action on behalf of the individuals served.
Maria Cornejo joins Futures Unlimited as our new director of business operations, replacing Doug Norris, who is retiring later this year.
2020 has been a doozy but our Futures family made the absolute BEST of it by being creative, energetic, and staying positive despite everything. This video is an end-of-year summation of a remarkable